Our Team

We are an Australian handmade business, passionate about making quality jewellery for an affordable price. 

Located in country New South Wales, we have been making jewellery since 2011, and launched Oh, Buttons! in 2012.

When we first started out, our team was made up of Daniel, Skye and Higgins (the pug). Since then, we have grown by a few, adding Simon and Brenden to the team in Belconnen, and Josh to the family.

Skye is the creative, the maker, the dreamer. 
She is also, somehow, simultaneously pragmatic and completely unrealistic. 

Terrified of birds.
Obsessed with crochet.
Enjoys a good cup of tea. 

Daniel (to his mother, Danny to everyone else) is the sensible member of the team and has a way of taking Skye's vague descriptions and making them into something amazing. Danny built our Belconnen shop fit out from scratch, and takes all our stock photography. By night, he is a truckie, and in his spare time he makes documentaries. 

Terrified of Skye coming up with more ideas.
Coffee snob.



Josh (otherwise known as Baby Buttons) joined our little family in 2014. Loves everything blueberry flavoured (but hates blueberries), is obsessed with trampolines, and looking at pictures of himself.
Sings. Constantly.

Terrified of getting dirt, food, or wrinkles from the bath on his hands.
Addicted to babycinos.
Miniature larrikin. 



Higgins is the laziest member of our little team and shows basically no creative drive beyond day dreaming about bacon and thinking there are intruders in his yard.


Higgins spends the daylight hours sleeping and by night he is the self-appointed watch-dog of the workshop/factory/house.


Passions: eating, sleeping, tooting, howling and/or barking at imaginary intruders, leaving fur on black jeans, and more sleeping.